Robb Pieper

In the early days, Robb tinkered with hardware and software. His first experience in code was animating objects using Basic for the Commodore 64C.

Wiring and automating systems is how Robb spent most of his technology career. His experience comes from working with retail store electrical networks, building 3D vision systems for manufacturing quality control, commercial web development, financial systems integration, and working with clients to ensure a match between solution and need. Robb’s passion for making things better as a system led him to focus on industrial psychology and organizational development topics and eventually moved into a role in which he could apply these concepts to build high-performance teams and organizations.

Robb Pieper is a passionate technologist, team-builder, teacher, mentor, process improver, and all-around nice guy living in Chicago, IL. He spends his days helping others understand how to respond to change.

Professionally, Robb is CEO and Principal Consultant at Responsive Advisors. He is also a Scrum.org licensed Professional Scrum Trainer and Coach, a Kanban trainer and coach, and specializes in working with managers and executives to understand agility at an organizational level. Contact Me for more information.

Twitter: @robbpieper

LinkedIn page


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